29 October 2010

Rand Paul's Attacker Lauren Valle in the News

Some people deserve a stomping department:

L.P.S.O. - Public Relations:
"Sheriff Craig Webre and Harbor Police Chief John Callais announced the arrest of seven Greenpeace activists in Port Fourchon. A complaint came in at approximately 12:45 PM stating the seven had boarded a vessel at Port Fourchon and painted messages with an unknown substance on different areas of the ship. The messages were directed to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar. A representative for Salazar was at Port Fourchon this morning while other dignitaries congregated in Galliano with Secretary Salazar and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano regarding the ongoing oil spill impacting the Louisiana coastline. Those arrested were:

• Lindsey Renee Allen (W/F, DOB 9/3/81, 149 Clayton Circle, Vacaville, CA)
• Lauren Valle (W/F, DOB 5/4/87, 415 Shorewood Drive East, Falmouth, MA)
• Emma Cassidy (W/F, DOB 6/4/85, 3653 13th St. Northwest, Washington, DC)
• David Pomerantz (W/M, DOB 8/23/85, 45 Beechwood Road, Irvington, NY)
• Georgia F. Hirsty (W/F, DOB 3/19/85, 1114 F Street, Northeast, Washington, DC)
• Scott Cardiff (W/M, DOB 6/9/77, 1215 Quincy Street Northwest, Washington, DC)

• Paul Kelley (W/M, DOB 2/20/84, 1114 F Street Northeast Apt 103, Washington, DC)"
Mug shots:

Liberty Chick at Big Media runs down a few more of her performances.

With an honorable mention for her protest during the Beijing Olympics.  The way CNN spins her, she was an innocent who got her head stomped by a Rand Paul goon for no good reason.  The CNN spin alone should give you a clue that it is probably the opposite.  Her job is destroying property and causing trouble and I will not be as nice about her well deserved stomping as Liberty Chick is in her article.

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