29 October 2010

Is Chief Moose Running the Pentagon/Marine Building Shooting Investigation?

A little more news and comment on the Pentagon/USMC Museum/Recruiting Office gunfire story.

The Mainstream Media, and possibly local cops & FBI want us to believe the latest terrorist is a disgruntled Marine or other service member.  Just like when Chief Moose had everybody looking for an angry white guy skinhead and CBSCNNMSNBC wanted us to look for an angry white tea party Obama hater responsible for the Times Square bombing attempt.

Authorities said Friday that they think the shooter who has fired on three government buildings in the Washington area in recent days -- and may have shot, for a second time, at the National Museum of the Marine Corps overnight -- might be a U.S. Marine with a grievance against the Corps.
The shooter was urged to contact authorities during a Friday news conference at FBI offices downtown. "We'd like to know what his grievance is and how we can try to resolve it," said John Perren, acting assistant director for the FBI's Washington field office. "We'd like to hear his side of the story."
Now, there might be a healthy portion of journalistic license in that WaPo report, that could easily be cleared up by the FBI following up on their statement.  The FBI has not yet issued a press release for general consumption.

For starters, a large portion of the bomb-throwing Left hate all of our military, including the Marines.  What is at play here is a terrorist, not some Service Member with a gripe about their Tri-Care treatment.  Throwing the press a statement like 'someone with a grievance against the Marine Corps' sends their finger pointing straight to the military and away from MoveOn.

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