20 October 2010

Come on Barry Hussein-O, put on the tea towel and enjoy the temple and other news

President B. Hussein Obama looks at a rifle in satirical photo.
Obama’s India Visit: Will he skip visiting the Golden temple? | Bharat Chronicle:
"Amritsar: The Sikh community has appealed to US President Barack Obama, asking him not to cancel his planned visit to the Golden Temple on the issue of wearing a ‘headscarf or cap’ on the temple premises.

The New York Times, citing an unnamed American official involved in the trip’s planning, reports that the president will not stop at the Golden Temple, a Sikh holy site and one of the country’s most popular tourist attractions, because visitors typically wear headscarves, turbans or Muslim caps.

Teams from the White House and the US Embassy have visited Amritsar several times over the past three weeks to assess the arrangements for the visit.

Temple authorities had stated that the US President may wear a scarf or a cap that is worn by Muslims but cannot wear a baseball cap or anything that resembles one.

According to reports, the fear that wearing the requisite headgear might make him appear Muslim.

Obama, who is a Christian, has repeatedly had to fend off accusations that he is secretly Muslim. A poll conducted by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life found that nearly 1 in 5 Americans believe the president is Muslim."
Why would anybody think he is Muslim?  Malik, his 52 year-old half-brother, now has his third wife, 19 year old Sheila Anyango. The Sikhs and muslims really do not get along very well.  Deciding to use the tea towel defense could be a clever ploy by B. Hussein Obama to shore up ties with his radical islamic allies around the world.  Or, maybe he just does not like going to anyplace called a Temple?

Elsewhere in the world, via Perez Hilton:
This is so scary!
On the front page of a Ugandan newspaper, the country's 100 "top" homosexuals were listed, along with a bright yellow banner that reads, "Hang Them." It also includes a photo and their addresses.
Four men have been attacked since the paper was published and many others are now in hiding. But this is not new for the conservative African country! A lawmaker introduced a bill last year that would have imposed the death penalty or life in prison for homosexual acts.
 How long will it take the "Bush did it" crowd to link this to the Bush administration funding AIDS prevention in Africa?

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