21 October 2010

Wikileaks Task Force Prepares for New Document Dump

Terrorist supporter Julian Assange
Wikileaks apologists and propagandists keep saying that Wikileaks is "fair" because they leak documents from all sides. Where are the Hamas/Hezbollah/Iranian/Syrian documents? There is nothing "fair" about what they do, unless you think supporting terrorists is what "fairness" is all about.

Hit & Run did the pre-story fanfare coverage last week with this puff piece on the WikiLeaks underground data hideout.

Pentagon's 120-Member Wikileaks Task Force Prepares for New Document Dump:
"The new set of documents from the Iraq War, which are low-level reports of violent incidents across the country over a span of several years, are said to total some 400,000 pages in all and will be released soon. And the Pentagon is preparing itself in the event that Wikileaks does not redact the names of Iraqis who have worked for, or have had any sort of contact with American forces in the country. 'We are prepared to take steps to notify people named in the documents,' one Pentagon official told the Wall Street Journal. 'There are a lot of names [in the documents]. We can't chase every single person. And we have to see what happens. Maybe no one's name will be released.'"
From WikiLeaks greatest hits: Collateral Lies exposes them for what they are.

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