23 October 2010

Party Like It's 1773? What Happened Then?

Wait to party like 1773? You betcha!
Cuffy Meigs did the heavy lifting here and preserved comments in an image file for the inevitable deletions that will follow already happened. More from Verum Serum.

Seems that the usual suspects of the media elite are still in a competition to be the loudest idiot of the global village.  In response to one line in this speech, where Sarah Palin urged the tea party crowd to wait until after the election before they party like it is 1773, the usual suspects (along with some unusual ones I am sure) began their chorus of how dumb Mrs. Palin is.  A sarcastic Marcos Moulitsas, aka Kos quipped "She's so smart" (no longer showing on his Twitter page) and opened the floodgates, culminating with Montesquieu "I hate that woman."

Is it telling that their Palin related tweets are gone now, but older and newer tweets are still there?  Yes, in a way, it is telling like when a dog eats its own feces.  That is what they do.

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