21 October 2010

Got Suki? You Know You Want this T-Shirt

Not affiliated with me or Suki at all. This t-shirt ties in great to both series and I don't mind giving them a plug on the blog.

"T-Shirt Mens Black ' Got Suki? '
T-Shirt Mens Black ' Got Suki? ' Female Names
This Suki T-Shirt has undergone extensive quality control before reaching you. We have over 10 years experience in selling shirts on the internet. The shirts are created by us and are even customizable! Just contact our great customer service for any inquiries.

*100% heavyweight cotton
*Authentic silk-screen
*Relaxed fit
*Non-fading colors
*T-Shirt with lasting Suki design"
I will sweeten the pot and help out a fellow business person at the same time.  If you send me a picture of you wearing a "Got Suki?" t-shirt (pictured above) I will autograph any of my paperbacks that are in your collection and I will pay the return postage!  Also, any contributor I can find named on the book will autograph it too.  I see three of them every week, so you are guaranteed three autographs.  OK, one of them is a translator, so he is only named on two books but I am sure he will be cool about it.  Just shoot me an email JohnTagliaferro [you know what goes here] Gmail [and the rest].

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