17 October 2010

Update to Brick Throwing Muslim Metal Head at DC9

Update to part of this:
Five from D.C. club charged with assault on man who died
By Michael Birnbaum and Paul Duggan
Sunday, October 17, 2010

Five men were charged with aggravated assault Saturday in the beating of Ali Ahmed Mohammed in front of a club at Ninth and U streets NW where the men worked.
Mohammed died early Friday at a hospital.
All five men were released after a court proceeding Saturday and were placed in a high-intensity supervision program, which includes electronic monitoring.
About 60 supporters of the men went to the hearing at D.C. Superior Court, cramming the courtroom and filling the hallway outside. Attorneys for two of the men said they were innocent and criticized D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier for calling the incident a "savage" case of "vigilante justice" Friday.
Mohammed, 27, tried to enter DC9 early Friday but was turned away at the door. He became angry and threw at least one brick through the nightclub's front window, witnesses told investigators.
Aggravated assault, after this guy threw bricks through the window of a crowded nightclub.  As if Chief Lanier would have even doen the slightest thing to this guy if he had gotten away.

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