22 October 2010

Wikileaks Iraq: data journalism maps every death | News | guardian.co.uk

Update to my 10/21/2010 post.

At least the Guardian is being marginally more responsible than WikiLeaks. They are not publishing the "summary field" from the data, in an effort to protect people from reprisal.  They used Google Fusion Tables to map the locations where people were reported killed.

Wikileaks Iraq: data journalism maps every death | News | guardian.co.uk:
"Data journalism works best when there's a lot of data to work with. Wikileaks' Iraq war logs release has dumped some 391,000 records of the Iraq war into the public arean. We've had them for a few weeks - what have we found out?
This is in a different league to the Wikileaks Afghanistan leak - there's a good case for saying the new release has made the war the most documented in history. Every minor detail is now there for us to analyse and breakdown but one factor stands out: the sheer volume of deaths, most of which are civilians." 
From WikiLeaks Greatest Hits, Collateral Lies:

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