03 January 2011

Ezra Klein: Boy Genius

Ezra Klein sporting the effects of the Photoshop beard filter.
Witness below, the genius of Ezra Klein, in full streaming video, as he declares the Constitution of the United States to have "no binding power." He continues, revealing his confusion with anything written over 100 years ago, maintaining that the words from then mean different things now. I wonder what he thinks "Congress shall make no law" means now vs. then?  I am pretty sure I have read his take on "shall not be infringed" before, but I am not sure where.

Klein was the famous creator of the "JournoList" where he exposed his full-tilt DNC whoring skills, along with the great David Weigel.  At least Weigel got shit-canned from Reason for his schilling for positions too far outside of their Cosmotarian sensitivities.  Klein is safe, for now, at the Post while Weigel is safe at Socialist Worker, or wherever he is.

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