06 January 2011

Big Items from the Limbaugh Show

I am sure there were more big, blog worthy items on Rush's show today, but AT&T internet service in my neighborhood still sucks and I missed a large portion of the show after the first hour.

The Congressional Black Caucus Swears Itself In
Now, if there is anything for the most punchable face in Washington, DC to call non-binding or irrelevant, this is it.  Maybe Ezra Klein was confused about what the topic was when he was on MSDNC a few days ago saying the Constitution has no binding power? (fat chance)

So, some gal in the group ripped into Obama about the crappy way he and all those other White Democrats were running things for the past two years.  I heard the audio, so I know it is out there.  Just can't find the after-fetish comments on the internet.

Cornell West: Surcame
From the move-over-Sarah-Palin department

When I tried to look that stupid non-word up yesterday, when I began this post, I could not find the Cornell West transcript, the stupid word, or anything else related to it.  Rush to the rescue with this:

WEST: Two years later, we have missed the opportunity, unfortunately. We didn't get the kind of leadership that we should. The president didn't have enough backbone. He became too milquetoast. He would not fight big business, would not fight big banks. He actually surcame too easily to big business and big banks -- and, of course, the obstructionism on the right was helping push him to the center; and now, of course, he's being pushed even more to the center, which means we...are...in...deep trouble.
Emphasis mine.  Yes, I like to create the new word here and there, like most all writers.  Sometimes it is from necessity when I am writing a story about the future, sometimes it is just goofing around in private conversation.  In the case of Professor West, this is just stupid.  The link above is to yesterday's addition of the word to the Urban Dictionary.

Not sure if this is the same Cho as the one in the House gallery.
Jesse Jackson, Junior wants the slave version of the Constitution read, rather than the current version that includes the abolishment of slavery.  Must be one of his many fetishes.

During the reading aloud of Section One, Article Two of the Constitution on the floor of the House of Representatives, a "birther", Theresa Cao, interrupted the proceedings.
The woman yelled out "Except Obama, except Obama, help us Jesus!" as Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ) read the "natural born citizen" clause of the Constitution. 

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