17 March 2011

Pakistanis protest against Raymond Davis' release

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Sometimes in Sharia law, justice for acts of self-defense is expensive.

Pakistanis protest against Davis' release - The Times of India:
"ISLAMABAD: Street protests erupted in Pakistan for a second day on Thursday against the release of American Raymond Davis, whose arrest after he shot dead two Pakistani men in January triggered a major diplomatic row between the two countries.

Lawyers and some political groups took to the streets against the release of Davis, who has been described as a contractor for the American CIA, BBC reported. Small protests took place in Karachi and Lahore, it said.
More details of the protests in the article. Here is what all the flap is about:
Davis, 36, shot dead two Pakistanis on a motorcycle in Lahore Jan 27 after alleging they tried to rob him. He claimed he acted in self-defence.
A third man was also killed when a speeding car tried to come to Davis' help.

The man (Davis) was sent to jail despite initial American claims that Davis was a diplomat and deserved diplomatic immunity.

The Dawn News said that Davis was released following a deal between the CIA and Pakistan's spy agency ISI.

A petition was meanwhile filed in the Lahore High Court challenging the release Wednesday after $2.3 million was reportedly paid to the kin of the two men he shot dead in January."
The US Department of State claims that "no compensation was paid," however they have not categorically denied any payment at all.
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