04 September 2009

Finishing Suki IV this Weekend

That's the plan anyway. Going to try to finish book four this weekend.

At this point, coalition troops have met all of their major objectives and the forst rotation is beginning.

John and Suki get to actually "vacation" on their vacation their second week at Eglin AFB. They have lots of good, healthy, fun lovemaking sessions just about anyplace they have enough privacy for that. Have taken the advice of my prime proofreader, Danielle, and the sessions are much more detailed on the romantic, sensual side. Like with Suki III, but expanded.

Suki is approaching expert level with Skeet and Trap.

John is doing very well with archery under Suki's coaching.

Threats against the couple have been eliminated, at least the known ones have been.

Suki's lingering problems seem to be extinct.

Tag can finally get word to Samantha that he is fine and safe.

8,000 words to go to wrap this up.

ISBN: 9780982468630

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