11 December 2009

Terrorists and Party Crashers

You need to go to the artticle to get the full effect of the Northern Virginia Muslim terrorists recently arrested in Pakistan.

— A member of the mosque attended by the five young American Muslims arrested in Pakistan said Thursday that they had been a constant presence, always in traditional Muslim dress, at the mosque, a modest place of worship just off busy Route 1 in this Washington suburb.

5 U.S. Men Arrested in Pakistan Said to Plan Jihad (December 11, 2009) “I see them here all the time,” said Prince Ahmed Ofosu, originally of Ghana, as he left the mosque, which is known as the I.C.N.A. Center and is affiliated with the Islamic Circle of North America. “They are good guys.”

But wait, there's more, that should not be a surprise to anybody.

Ramy Zamzam, one of five young Muslim men from Alexandria, Virginia being held by Pakistani authorities under suspicion of trying to contact the terrorist organization behind the 2002 murder in Karachi of Wall Street Journal correspondent Daniel Pearl, has family links to a notorious Virginia mosque once attended by alleged Fort Hood killer Maj. Nidal Hasan.
More on the treasonous trator by me here, here and here.  Suki has posts here and hereHijab porn here (not safe for work).

Speaking of con artists,  . . .  Oh, gentle reader, didn't you know that terrorists are most always con artists too?  Not every con artist is a terrorist, of course.  The presidential party crashing weirdos tried to pay a debt with a fake watch.

WASHINGTON — A couple that crashed a White House party turned over a watch to pay a landscaping debt, but a jeweler is saying it's a fake luxury timepiece.

Tareq Salahi last week gave up his Patek Phillipe watch and his lawyer said it would be worth more than enough to pay a $2,000 debt to a landscaper.

But a Pennsylvania watch expert says its an imitation. Ray Cosey, owner of R E Jewelers Watch & Clock in Chambersburg, Pa., said Thursday the watch might be worth $100.

Cosey says the watch could probably be bought on the street for less.

It turns out the watch wasn't needed. An attorney for the landscaper says a check was delivered Monday for $2,063.55 and will cover the bill.

A judge ordered the watch released.

Mrs. Salahi pictured meeting B. Hussein Obama

I am still not commenting on Tiger Woods, other that I am beginning to appreciate that non-sport of golf.

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