12 February 2010

Now this is Funny! Blog Traffic from Paris

On 12 FEB 2010, someone was poking around this blog from Paris, France (not Kentucky or Texas) using the mpls network.

First, they found the blog through Google, search term: skipoject.blogspot.com.  That this blog as an alternative to the misspelling.  They landed on the December traffic report page:
Just some highlights of December traffic, not all inclusive and lingered for 27 seconds.

In no particular order, this user used this search twice:
Which returns nothing and they averaged six seconds between the two hits.

This one is interesting:
A weirdo was creeping all over the blog a while back looking for "imchi arabic word" from her office in DC (imchi is phonetic English for the Arabic "go away from me"). Previously, she was looking for her first-middle-last name, daily, even though that was not here either.  Interesting.

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