07 February 2010

Blogging through the Snowpocalypse

Hello all.  Finally got a snow day to blog, blog, blog.  My version of it anyway.

Snowing as I type in the Washington, DC area.  On with the show.

Found some erotica that fits in with Sarah's fan fiction story, John and Suki: Vacation Fun.  Should be third one down at that link, paperback will be out with Suki's fan fiction story in the same volume.  Browse on Google here.

Caution!  Not Safe For Work links follow.

Sarah has two nurses attending to John and Suki during their kidnapping by Mike and Honey, but not really finding anything that fits just right.  This is a little close to the one that was tending to John.

She used suspension pretty often, in dramatic ways.  I liked the descriptions of spread-eagle suspension in a frame.

Bull whipping was a recurring theme too.

Designer drugs were a cornerstone of her plot line.  Problem with finding erotica for that is the designer drugs made the person on the dose appear and feel like they were naturally doing what they were being manipulated into doing.

Golden showers were a recurring item.

She did have Suki do some pole dancing and John did some cage dancing.

In other news, Suki is dominating the 'blog stats with a post with one picture and one headline. Danica races tomorrow (6 February, 2009) at 4:30 on the SPEED channel.

Her morning links with that Bethesda BDSM club story is getting a lot of traffic too.

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