09 February 2010

The Palin Scandals Post

Nick Gillespie has a long story about how Sarah Palin's awful flute skills disqualify her for VP.  Something in the thread got me going on a tangent and here it is:
Remember that Palin scandal where she got the National Guard to fly her around and shoot a wolf?  Oh yea, not true.  What about the National Guard helping her move stuff out of her house?  Oops, that was this guy.

Remember her illegitimate child scandal all over the Enquirer?  Sorry, wrong one again.

How about when all of her business was taken up by real scandals and she had to resign as governor on her way to prison?  Missed by that much.

State Police Officers going to the papers about her with verifiable facts?  Wrong again.

I am sure there was plenty more.  These are just the ones I remember.  When reading Nick's article, and someone pointing out that he should not have been confused by her resignation, I began noticing that her critics seem to be recycling things that others did.

I don't remember Nick supporting any of the people in the images above, but I haven't been around Reason Mag. that long either.  I have finally noticed that the general crowd who supported the people in the pictures, and apologized for them, like to re-gift the accusations.

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