08 December 2010

Mohamed O. Mohamud Arrested In Baltimore Bomb Plot

See Dec. 9 2010 update.
From the 'If these guys do not stop, their religion might get a bad name' department:
Jihad Barbie models winter boots.
Person Arrested In Baltimore Bomb Plot:
"An official who was briefed on the arrest told AP on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to release the information that the person was given a phony bomb and was arrested after trying to detonate it.

U.S. law enforcement officials told CBS News that the case was 'similar to Portland.' Mohamed O. Mohamud is accused of trying to detonate a van during a Christmas tree lightening ceremony in Portland, but the FBI infiltrated the plot in its early stages and supplied Mohamud with fake explosives.

The Baltimore man is expected to be charged with attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction and was under surveillance by law enforcement for months.

Sources tell CBS that the man is 21 years old, a United States citizen and a convert to Islam."
The Wikileaks nation must be in tears about another headline getting in the way of Julian Assange news.  Also, I suspect a typo.  Mohamed O'Mohamud has such an IRA/Hamas fusion to it.

Read it all at KKTV.

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