07 December 2010

Suki Paperbacks Replenished at Park Sundries

Full set of all Suki series paperbacks again for sale at Park Sundries, Maynine, INC, Crystal Park III, 2231 Crystal Drive, Arlington, Virginia, 22202.  Located in the same courtyard as Chipotle.  They currently carry one copy each of Suki I, Suki II: Sunshine Returns, Suki III: Never Let Us End, Suki IV: Finally A Vacation (War With Iran) and Suki V: The Collection (first four novels in one volume).  Also, one copy of Suki With A Twist: Part One (An Alternate Future).

Thank you for the sales!  Note: The email addresses in all of the books are read by me and others on the team.  Feel free to write.

Books on display, in order listed above, at Park Sundries
Sign on Crystal Drive marking the entrance to the courtyard by Park Sundries, Chipotle, and Quiznos store #1777.

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