08 December 2010

Do the Mossad Genetically Modified Sharks have Six-Pointed Lasers too?

This is just too juicy to ignore:

Egypt: Sinai shark attacks could be Israeli plot

Israel rejects the notion as "too ludicrous" for comment; German woman killed near Sharm e-Sheikh, Russian tourists also mauled.

Courtesy climateprogress.org
Here are the best bits:
“What is being said about the Mossad throwing the deadly shark [in the sea] to hit tourism in Egypt is not out of the question, but it needs time to confirm,” South Sinai Gov. Muhammad Abdel Fadil Shousha was quoted as saying by the Egyptian state news site egynews.net.

Israeli officials said the claims were too ludicrous to comment on. Israel has issued an advisory warning against travel to Sinai due to plots against Israelis by terrorist groups linked to al-Qaida.
Form in your own mind which side is expressing the more rational position.  The attack happened in the Red Sea, and according to Wikipedia there are 44 species that populate that body of water.  Egypt has a bustling resort business there too.

Lets connect some dots: sharks, humans, tourist dollars, politics.
But Aviv Levy, a shark expert and the curator of the Underwater Observatory Marine Park in Eilat, said the Egyptians usually engaged in “smoke screening” when it came to shark attacks.

“Something is very strange here. The Egyptians are trying to hide it,” Levy told The Media Line. “This is very bad news for the sharks. It was strange after the first attacks last week and now even more so.”

Egyptian authorities launched a hunt for sharks after four Russian swimmers were mauled at the Red Sea resort last week. Over the weekend, government conservation officials released photos of two captured sharks: an oceanic whitetip and a mako.

The mayor of Sharm e-Sheikh had announced that the beaches were reopened after authorities deemed that the sharks no longer posed a threat and that it was safe to go back into the waters. The sandy resort at the tip of the Sinai Peninsula is popular with European tourists and attracts over 3 million visitors a year.
Shark attacks in the Red Sea are not unheard of, or 'unprecedented' as the popular kids of the MSM would say if Obama were involved.  Nope, suddenly trumping up charges against Israel are more important than covering up shark attacks for more tourist dollars, unless you can keep blaming Israel.  You would think that a shark attack announcement, with Israel's Mossad standing as the accused, might put a dent in tourism to the Sinai.  Not according to the Egyptians:

Israeli travel warning an attempt to discourage tourism:
The governor of northern Sinai, outraged by an Israeli travel warning on the Egyptian peninsula issued earlier this week, claimed Saturday that the warning was an attempt to harm the Egyptian economy. 

Abdel Fadil Shusha said Saturday morning that the situation in the area was quiet and secure and that Israel has become used to publishing such travel warnings during Egyptian holiday seasons since the 2004 Taba attacks.
At least he did not say that the warning was to keep Israelis away from the Mossad trained sharks.  Maybe he missed the news from November, when Egypt arrested 25 people accused of plotting terrorist attacks against Israelis in the Sinai?

Not mentioned is the annual UN vote to declare a Palestinian state coming up soon.

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