07 December 2010

Thank You President Obama for Revealing Your Hidden Agenda

A photoshopped rendering of another Obama compromise.
Obama Reveals Compromise (video at the link)

The media wants to spin Obama's "compromise" on taxes and unemployment compensation as something Republicans painted him into a corner about.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.
-No Republican holds a veto pen in the current federal government.
-Both houses of Congress are controlled by Democrats until the end of the year.

If Obama really wanted to raise taxes on "the wealthiest Americans" he could just let the Bush-era tax rates expire, allowing them to rise to Clinton-era rates.  If the incoming Congress decides to change that, he could blame them when it happens.  No, gentle reader, Obama really wanted to cut taxes for "the wealthy" and he will be taking credit for that, along with taking credit for the economic benefits that they generate, before his next election.

Actually, he is taking credit for it now.  He mentioned how more jobs will be created and other nice things about keeping taxes where they are now.  Obama seemed to be against these things before, but it must have been a ruse.

Obama: The No New Taxes president.  I fully support him in this matter.


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