12 January 2011

Daley: Blame gun laws, not Palin

Chicago's very own Mayor Daley
In another whoosh moment, Chicago's very own Mayor Daley gets the point that Limbaugh and Palin had nothing to do with the murders and attempted murders in Tuscon. Then he calls for abolishing the rights of Americans to carry handguns.

Daley: Blame gun laws, not Palin - Chicago Sun-Times:
"“America has to blame people. . . . That’s the thing that really bothers me. They’re trying to blame the left or the right or Sarah Palin. Or they’re trying to blame political ads or rhetoric on TV. . . . . It has nothing to do with it,” Daley said.

“Everybody has free speech. People can shout and say anything they want. But they have no right to buy a gun . . . that has a clip of fifteen rounds. . . . It’s not the rhetoric. . . . It’s the right to carry these guns or have guns like this that kill people — and that’s what that individual did. You could have all the guards you want. If someone’s five feet from your or ten feet with a gun like this, no one is gonna stop anyone.”"
Talk about missing the point!

COL Bill Badger (Ret.), hero.
For one thing, Colonel Bill Badger (retired) ran to the gunfire, was grazed by a bullet and had his legally owned pistol at the ready as Jared Lee Loughner was being subdued and helped restrain Loughner.  In interviews he has said that he was ready to shoot whomever was doing the shooting.  If Loughner had loaded his next magazine, there is no doubt that the COL(R) would have dropped him with a few shots.

COL Badger is something that Mayor Daley will never be.  A hero.

Sarah Palin. On topic, on target.

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