15 January 2011

Oh, Bob Jacobson if you don't like gun shows, don't attend them.

from the having-a-case-of-the-vapors department
L.A. County blows. Pima County, here we cum!
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I would rather be shooting the Cap & Trade Bill
Bob Jacobson
Bob Jacobson: In Tucson, One Week Later: "The (Gun) Show Must Go On!": "Exactly one week after the attempted assassination in Tucson of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, Pima County, in which Tucson is located, is hosting a gun show. And not just any gun show: according to blogs on the right, Crossroads of the West is in Tucson having been 'thrown out' of 'radical' jurisdictions like Los Angeles County.

The L.A. County supervisors decided that Crossroads was a den of domestic arms dealers inciting irresponsible gun use in the nation's largest county. So Crossroads fled across the border to open in Tucson. Its logo: crosshairs. Nice symbolism. Good timing."
The story above was probably #1 with a bullet at HuffPo.
Nice hysteria.  I shall wager to guess that the level of violence at the L.A. County gun show was much lower than in East L.A.
Yes, rifle scope crosshairs there.
No, not rifle crosshairs.
I love the old west! Like my rat rod?

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Don't be like her, posing with your finger on the trigger before being ready to shoot.  Encourage proper gun safety.

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