26 January 2011

Hawaii governor gives birthers more ammunition: admits there are no records

"Don't look at me, he was not born here!"
Eligibility issue heats up as Hawaii governor admits there are no records - National Conservative | Examiner.com:
"As the rising tide of questions concerning Presidential eligibility placed increasing pressure on Hawaii officials to provide documentation, Abercrombie, as a friend of the family, reports that he took it upon himself to personally do some digging into state records in order to disprove the charge made by 'birthers' that Barack Obama is not a natural born U.S. citizen.

But Abercrombie's search culminated in the exact opposite of the intended result. The Governor now admits that there is no record whatsoever in Hawaii that Barack Obama was born in the state.

This YouTube audio of a radio program will reveal Abercrombie's stunning admission."

"Further, the documentation that has already been released that supposedly proves Obama was born in Hawaii is actually a certificate of live birth, which state officials admit is a form given to those not born in the state but who need a statement of birth for legal purposes."
I and my best friends have been the most supportive people for President Obama on this issue, no matter how critical we have been about him on other issues.  He needs to put out the evidence or suffer the consequences.
The President in his natural habitat.

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