22 February 2011

Illinois becomes haven of choice for politicians in exile

Most should be familiar with the Democrat caucus of the Wisconsin Senate fleeing to Illinois to derail the democratic process of debate and voting on legislation.  Now, Indiana Democrats are fleeing to Illinois for the same reason.

"I can't wait to the shop in Peoria!" - Galyna Kolotnytska
I have heard some well informed, professional media speculation that Cairo, Illinois is being prepared for Muhammad Hosni Sayyid Mubarak.  Peoria might be a good spot for Moammar Gadhafi, but he may feel more at home in Chicago, primarily because of the similar governmental system that Chicago shares with Tripoli.

Democrats trigger Statehouse showdown | The Indianapolis Star | indystar.com:
"House Democrats are leaving the state rather than vote on anti-union legislation, The Indianapolis Star has learned. 
A source said Democrats are headed to Illinois, though it was possible some also might go to Kentucky. They need to go to a state with a Democratic governor to avoid being taken into police custody and returned to Indiana.

The House was came into session this morning, with only two of the 40 Democrats present. Those two were needed to make a motion, and a seconding motion, for any procedural steps Democrats would want to take to ensure Republicans don’t do anything official without quorum."
No accurate reports on Democrats bringing their private Italian Commando guards to Illinois.
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