03 January 2010

At Reason - D.C. to AT&T: All Your Unused Minutes Are Belong to Us

D.C. to AT&T: All Your Unused Minutes Are Belong to Us

Radley has a good take on this.  Here's mine:

Escheat law for unused minutes? I like the fries example (an example given by Radley at the link above).
What about getting money from oil companies for what evaporates out of gas tanks?
I declare this the Slashdot thread winner:

by jparker (105202)Alter Relationshipon Sunday January 03, @09:51AM (#30631626Homepage
So anything that's unclaimed like this defaults back to the city? I wonder what they're going to do with the remainder of everyone's unclaimed, unlimited internet access each month. Did they pool the unused hours off of old AOL CDs? What about all-you-can-eat buffets? Solved DC's hunger problems right there.

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