06 January 2010

Palestinians: Don't Bring Rocks to a Gunfight with EGYPTIANS!

Rocks might work fine with those nice guy and gal IDF folks, but not against the Egyptians.

Gunfire at Gaza Protest Near Egypt

JERUSALEM — An anti-Egypt rally in southern Gaza turned deadly on Wednesday when demonstrators rushed the border fence and stoned Egyptian troops on the other side, leading to an exchange of gunfire and the death of an Egyptian soldier. Nine Egyptian soldiers and a dozen Palestinians were wounded from stones and gunfire, witnesses and medics said.
What the hell could the problem be?  Egypt cut off a terrorism tunnel?  No Rachel Corrie Pancake Breakfast?  Oh, you keep wanting the terrorist organization Hamas in charge of you.  The PLO wasn't bad enough, you had to go all Nazi to prove your badass.  Fine.

Try behaving and nobody gets hurt.  Every day does not need to be an Arafat funeral.

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