09 January 2010

Key technology for gogs: Transparent LCD screen

Samsung shows off transparent laptop screen.

We have already seen some of the most interesting transparent gadgets in the past, but the latest laptop concept by Samsung, showcased at the CES 2010, will definitely take you by surprise with its immaculate transparency. Featuring 14-inch OLED display, which when turned off becomes up to 40 percent transparent, the laptop concept is claimed to be the world’s first and largest transparent OLED laptop. This is the only info available at the moment, though you may go through the video for a closer look after the jump.
In the future that I write about, most everybody wears some form of glasses, or gogs, with data displayed on transparent lenses.  Was thinking however they are doing this is about right, if brought down to glasses size.

Edit/correction:  Did not realize blogger buddy Suki got this from a Slashdot post she responded to in the firehose.  Another article here.

H/t: Dyne09

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  1. Great post. I am a big fan of the transparent screens that were recently introduced, and I also like the Intel transparent touchscreen TV that they introduced at the CES show. Incredible technology, and I can guarantee that I will be one of the first in like for a completely transparent device.

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