06 January 2010

Psychic: DC Expanding Smoking Ban

In the Suki Series, I had the idea that 20+ years in the future the DC smoking laws might be a little more strict.  The DC Council does not dissappoint.  Just caught this today.

The D.C. Council voted unanimously Tuesday to enact far-reaching proposals to curtail smoking by giving store owners a tool to prevent smoking on public sidewalks and by assessing new penalties on anyone younger than 18 who possesses tobacco products.

The bill, part of a coordinated campaign to reduce tobacco use in the District, also requires store owners to ask for identification from anyone buying cigarettes who looks 27 or younger, places new restrictions on cigarette-vending machines and outlaws the sale of "blunt wraps."
Store owners will be able to ban smoking within 25' of their doorways.  In the books, I have Suki getting a smoking and open flame ticket on the National Mall, because she was not in a designated smoking area, i.e., a smoking pit full of rude men and the women who enjoy them.

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