31 August 2010

Only hundreds at Sharpton march? My Graham Cracka' Ass!

Is this the "hundreds" of people I am hearing from the media that attended the Rev. Sharpton rally? Does not sound like it.

44 - Inside Al Sharpton's 'Reclaim the Dream' march:
"A gospel choir took the stage after a fervent prayer by Barbara Williams-Skinner. The crowd quietly sang along. 'What do you do when you've given your all? Child, you just stand.' Williams-Skinner made strong ties between the 1963 rally where Martin Luther King Jr. spoke of his 'dream' and the rally that drew hundreds of people to Dunbar High School in Northwest Washington. 'Like Dr. King, we believe that the bank of justice is not bankrupt,' she said. 'We thank you God for raising up President Barack Obama as a small down payment on that dream.'

Bianca Farmer, a senior at Dunbar High School, received big applause when she told the crowd not to stop at celebrating Obama. 'We must be fearful of stopping there,' she said. 'The fight is not in the same arena as it was 47 years ago but the fight lives on.'

'Part of the dream has come a reality but other parts have not,' said Larry Handfield, president of Bethune Cookman College. 'In this country still today there are cities where far less than 30 percent of black males are graduating to high school, therefore the dream is not yet complete.'

-- Krissah Thompson"
I keep hearing in my favorite media, the conservative variety these days (one was the Chris Plante show), that only hundreds went to see Sharpton. At the prompting of my beloved and John, I am here to say BULLSHIT!

John took the video below and there are way more than "hundreds" attending the Sharpton bullhorn march.  If they all went home after, before Rev. Sharpton took the stage, fine. There are THOUSANDS in this video in support of Sharpton.  I am not a fan of his nor Beck either.  If these people are quoting the papers right, then shame on the papers.  If they are making things up, then shame on them!

More than "hundreds" here:

Here too:

There were THOUSANDS there, stop the denial.

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  1. I am SO not a fan of Beck. I hate Sharpton.