04 September 2010

Union Printed in The New City: Killer Parking Meters of Arlington, VA

Blade Runner parking meter.
Correction: In the original post, I misquoted the notation on the Blade Runner  decals, including parking meters, as "Made With Union Labor in the Free City".  It was "Union Printed in The New City", according to Tom Southwell in the Blade Runner "Enhancement Archive: Fabrication; Signs of the Times: Graphic Design".

Added new close-ups/updates here.

The odd items below have been recently installed several places in Crystal City. My first thought was the lethal parking meters in Blade Runner, but they were spaced a little close together.  Maybe lethal parking meters for motor cycles?  Having lived here for a few years, the thought was not as farfetched as you might imagine.
These are near the Crystal City METRO.
These are one block (two address blocks) away at 20th and Bell, Arlington, VA, 22202.
20th and Crystal Drive, Arlington, VA, 22202.

Images can be seen on my pages here.

The lables say they are for Capital BikeShare.

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