04 September 2010

Michigan Fake Tea Party Loses Ballot Spot

Michigan Fake Tea Party Loses Ballot Spot:
"In July, a 2-2 vote on the Board of Canvassers allowed “The Tea Party” to appear on the ballot. The bogus group, organized and populated by Democrats, held their nominating convention in July. An attorney for “The Tea Party” said the convention was attended by 10-15 people who nominated 23 candidates. Most of the candidates are running in districts where incumbent Democrats are in close races. The 60,000 petition signatures to place the party on the ballot were collected by a Democrat firm, Progressive Campaigns, Inc. Affidavits filed by many of the 23 candidates were notarized by the political director of the Oakland County Democratic Party, Jason Bauer. One of “The Tea Party” candidates said she thought she was running as a Democrat but later found out she was on “The Tea Party” ballot."

'Tea Party' off Michigan ballot

. . . The ruling comes a day after The Detroit News reported links between Democrats and The Tea Party group with 23 candidates that included the former stepmother of the former leader of the Oakland County Democratic Party being recruited to run as well as another candidate who had placed last in a 2008 Democratic primary.
The scandal over The Tea Party group forced the resignation of Mike McGuinness, the former Oakland County Democratic chairman, and the firing of Jason Bauer, an organizer for the county Democrats who has been accused of notarizing many of the nominations.
Ruth Johnson, the Oakland County clerk and Republican who is investigating the allegations about The Tea Party, has declined to comment to the News through a spokeswoman because her probe is pending.
State Democratic Party officials have denied any connection to efforts to establish The Tea Party.
Susan Qashat, a Tea Party candidate for the 26th district house seat, told The News in an interview Thursday she thought she was running for an office to help the Democrats but later learned it was The Tea Party her former stepson, McGuinness, had signed her up for.
"I was surprised as hell when someone called and said you're a candidate for The Tea Party," Qashat said. "The Tea Party is a Republican movement. I'm a full-fledged Democrat."
McGuinness and Bauer have not returned numerous calls for comment . . .
About the images you are admiring. In the spirit of the fake 'Tea Party' of Michigan, those are fake women.

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