07 September 2010

London's Black Cabs: Product of the Nanny State

London's Black Cabs are Facing new Competition for Fares - WSJ.com:
"LONDON—London's black cabs might be as iconic as Big Ben, but in a city that has seen other much-loved symbols such as red telephone boxes and Routemaster double-decker buses almost disappear, being iconic is no guarantee of a future.

London's famous licensed taxis, whose origins go back 350 years, are, along with their drivers, now facing stronger competition from new rivals."
I always thought London cabs were so cute! Had no idea of the nannyism behind that until I read this article. The turning radius is regulated under a ridiculous set of Conditions of Fitness. The look is regulated so stupid people won't confuse them with any other vehicle. Licensing requirements are just stupid, preventing others from entering the business. A court dented the Conditions and Fitness rules, but the "stronger competition from new rivals" comment is laughable.  It is not like they are getting competition from Joe six-pint in his 2001 Ford Fiesta.  It goes on and on in the article.

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