06 September 2010

Self-Powered Gadgets

Another one for cross-posting:
Slashdot | Self-Powered Parts Are the Future
"The idea is that the parts will make external power sources redundant — because they can convert energy from body heat, light and vibrations straight into electricity. Self powered electronics have already sporadically been used in technology like wall-mount remote control units for air conditioners, says Nikkei, but existing parts are bulky and cost a couple thousand yen a piece. 3,000 yen is about $35 — which means they're not the best bet, financially, yet."
In all of the Suki series romance novels, the 'gogs' and earbuds are powered by body heat, or a combination of body heat and saline (contact lens gogs). Gogs contain computer screens and sometimes cameras, earbuds have more advanced processors, speakers and possibly microphones.  Most anything worn on the body is powered by the person's body heat, movement, chemical interaction or a combination.

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