10 September 2010

Suki's Morning Links

Decided to bring morning links back while my Blogger Reading List has so much juicy stuff in it and I just happened to get up so early without much else to do.

Errant Navy drone almost met by fighter jets

The Associated Press
Posted : Thursday Sep 9, 2010 14:45:59 EDT
WASHINGTON — The Pentagon said Thursday it was close to launching fighter jets — and briefly discussed a possible shoot-down — after an errant Navy drone wandered into restricted air space near the nation’s capital last month.

I think John uses the tried-and true SciFi writer technique of ignoring this possibility in his books ;)

Libertarian Review Archives Online

One of Reason's high-quality competitors from the 1970s-80s has a semi-complete archives now available online. It's a fabulous compendium of Carter-ish era libertarian historical fun. David Boazexplains the mag and what it accomplished, focusing on its amazing editor the late Roy Childs.
Something Libertarian from before I was thought of.

Be prepared for more Gawker here, I like their slant sometimes.

This Is the World's Longest California Roll

About 300 people wearing matching shirts and sushi chef caps got together to roll the world's longest California roll at UMass Amherst on Monday, and beat UC Berkeley's previous record by 92 feet, for a total of 422 feet.
The roll used 650 sheets of nori, 200 pounds of rice, 200 pounds of imitation crab, and 100 pounds each of cucumber and avocado. Video full of lots of whooping and hollering UMass pride below.
Imitation crab? Why?
"Product placement to promote your brand just isn't enough any more. These days, apparently, some companies are resorting to anti-product placement in order to get competitors' products in the hands of 'anti-stars.' The key example being Snooki from Jersey Shore, who supposedly is being sent handbags by companies... but the bags being sent are of competitors' handbags as a way to avoid Snooki carrying their own handbag, and thus potentially damaging their brand."

I still giggle when I hear the name "Snooki".

Castro: Socialism 'Doesn't Even Work For Us Anymore'

Castro: Socialism 'Doesn't Even Work For Us Anymore'
What is going on withFidel Castro? The former Cuban President has been rather... candid, lately, admitting gay persecution was his fault and condemning anti-Semitism. Most recently? He told a reporter that the Cuban model of economics "doesn't even work."

Muslim To Muslim by National Treasure, Amy Alkon
A Muslim who builds mosques around the country calls Imam Rauf on the crap he's been peddling to a gullible American public and its gullible pundits, most of them wildly uninformed about Islam.

In the WSJ, M. Zuhdi Jasser has some questions for Rauf in a piece subheaded "He may not appear to the untrained eye to be an Islamist, but by making Ground Zero an Islamic rather than an American issue he shows his true allegiance."

Viking Landers May Have Missed Martian Organics
"A new study suggests that the Viking Landers might have found organic compounds on Mars, but failed to recognize them because of the methodology used to detect organics. The findings may suggest specific strategies that would improve on the way organic compounds are detected on the red planet."
I recall this one coming up before, years ago.

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