06 September 2010

Ryanair's CEO Suggests Eliminating Co-Pilots

Slashdot News Story | Ryanair's CEO Suggests Eliminating Co-Pilots:
"Ryanair's miser-in-chief Michael O'Leary now suggests eliminating co-pilots as a way to save money. Will airliners be powered by drones, or is it actually viable to have just a single pilot on passenger planes?"

Cross-posting to Suki's Street. In Suki II: Sunshine Returns, pilotless commercial aircrafr, cargo only, are mentioned. In Suki III: Never Let Us End, John reveals that he worked on an Army project that advanced the concept to reality (TEC: The Effortless Cockpit). In Suki IV: Finally A Vacation (War With Iran), the couple watches pilotless aircraft and driverless trucks moving supplies for a looming war. In Suki With A Twist: Part One, the couple rides in a pilotless, retrofitted Cessna Citation from Reagan National Airport to San Francisco during one of their earlier dates.

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