08 September 2010

Of Cowering White Liberals and the most Juvenile Religious Segment Ever Invented

(Updates at the end)
First, they came for the people who opposed a bunch of questionable characters building a Mosque at Ground Zero, Manhattan and all who objected were labeled 'racists.'

Really? That was first? Well, pretty close to first. Next they came for the Florida minister planning a bonfire of Korans.  That one has to be second, nothing else of note was between.

This is the face of Islam under siege in a post 9/11 world.  This is a siege? According to some, yes. Let us not forget that Americans may be slaughtered if the oxidization process of this paper pile is accelerated, according to a high-ranking uniformed liberal. Why? Because Middle-East and Central Asian Muslims are the biggest babies on earth, that's why.

Of course, this is the way any religious person would act when their holy books are intentionally destroyed, right?  Hows about we takes a look at a few other items:

North Carolina Church burned non-King James Bibles in 2009. What was the body count from that? Zero?

How about a burning Bible video from 2007 -

What? Nothing has happened with that? No way!

Burning bible video from 2008 must have ruffles some feathers of the religion and gun clutching set.

Another video of Bible burning, this one with a catchy title that should have swept the internet like wildfire:

Lots of casualties from that one?

Maybe Bible burning is in a Holy loophole somewhere, like burning soiled American flags. Surely heads would roll and body parts would fly if someone shot a bible with a gun, right?

Wrong. No marching in the streets, no fits, no fights. Nothing like when Newsweek lied and people died.

So, just what is all this fuss about, especially from religion hating liberals? Quite simply, Western White liberals are a bunch of fradiae-cat pansies that like to lump people together in odd categories.  To them, all Asians are yellow, all Republicans are White, all Muslims are "people of color" and everybody who is not White and/or Christian is oppressed by White Christians. We can skip the Jews for a moment until the liberals need some mysterious bully to explain why there is no actual evidence for their position.

A big one with liberals is Africa being a nation, rather than a continent. At least that is the way they use "African" much of the time, the same way everybody else uses "Irish".  This is a key concept to grasp, since they seem to think all Muslims are from the Middle-East.  Maybe those are the only Muslims liberals care about, making the rest invisible. Actually, they are not invisible. They just aren't causing trouble like the Middle-East Muslims.

Something both Rush Limbaugh and David Horowitz have observed over the years, the left really does not care who their allies are, as long as those allies hate either America or Western Civilization.  Thus, the bomb making, Jew exterminating, USA attacking, French car burning Muslims are pals of the liberal. And by liberal, I do not mean people like me and my friends who enjoy erotica, wish for the day when drugs are legal (even if we don't plan on doing any) and would rather not get married before enjoying sex with others.  I am talking about the liberal left, Socialistic, Nazis with speech codes and an unquenchable self-hate for their own countries.

What about these "moderate Muslims" we all keep hearing about?  Those would be the ones that Arab Muslims call "monkeys" and go around killing in greater numbers than they kill non-Muslims.

Back to the White liberal, another pet thought of theirs is that everybody in the South USA owns a gun (or arsenal), a Confederate flag, goes to Church, lives in a trailer, Southern cities are trailer parks, makes moonshine, is always barefoot unless at a wedding, married a close relative and prefers to have sex with a willing sibling. If someone meeting that description is not located in the South, then they are just a redneck.  There must be a lot of rednecks at Reason magazine, the biggest online and print advocate of close-relative intercourse.

Remember all those riots when Confederate flags were burned? That's okay, I don't either. The liberal will tell us that never happens, even though it does. Don't miss the next event! Here is an article about it from the Leftist mind. See Red State for a sane take on that one. I hope someone from the press is keeping the body count stats beginning Sunday.

Some think that burning an American flag and flying a Confederate flag are "similar in many ways" (my count of similarities is zero, not quite the same as many, IANAL).

So, enlightened, delicate readers, when will burning the Koran be as popular as burning the Bible? When will burning the Koran be as 'patriotic' as burning flags?

Been to any good stonings lately? Discuss.

Update 09/09/10:
From Slashdot -
theodp writes"In response to a complaint, Rackspace has shut down the websites of the Dove World Outreach Center, a small 50-member church which has received national and international criticism for a planned book burning of the Quran on the anniversary of the 9-11 attacks. The center 'violated the hate-speech provision of our acceptable-use policy,' explained Rackspace spokesman Dan Goodgame. 'This is not a constitutional issue. This is a contract issue,' said Goodgame, who added he did not know how long it had hosted the church's sites. Not quite the same thing, but would Kurt Westergaard's cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad also violate Rackspace's AUP? How about Christopher Hitchens' Slate articles? Could articles from one-time Rackspace poster child The Onion pass muster?"

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