27 May 2009

Dating break and other random thoughts

My GOD, this remodeling crap seems that it will never end.  Kinda puts a dent in the dating scene too.

Bringing a lady home to a wall-to-wall disaster frequently spoils the romance.  Have been with a few in the past who did not have a problem with messes.  One would frequently say "I didn't care if your place was a mess as long as I could find you."  Might be one reason why she was the longest non-marriage relationship I ever had too.

So, as I settled in to pretty much avoid a bunch of badly overdue tasks and oversee the destruction crew removing drywall from the bedroom half of my condo, my best friend Danielle gives me a call.  Her husband, Dennis, had another seizure at his job site in DC.  The only help I got to give was Googling up the hospital for Danielle.

She just called, Dennis is okay now.  I am not sure if it is bad or good that when I am feeling depressed and I am reminded that there are people in much worse shape than me, I stop feeling so bad about myself.  But then I feel bad that I can't help them like I wished I could.

Danielle was a big help on the latest dating mistake, so I don't need to vent about it here :)  But she did invite me to the hospital to pickup chicks.  Not a bad idea, but I think I need a few weeks off from that.

Just emailed the office to tell them I am stuck here all day and at least tomorrow morning.

Should be getting some book feedback from a bartender buddy today, I hope.  He was off yesterday and only bar tends two days per week.  He is one of the people I renamed a background character for (Big D at the brat bar) and will have a bigger role in the next book.

Back to resume editing, job hunting and the pile of bills that are still backed up from the January condo mess, while surrounded by said mess.

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