29 May 2009

Look how brilliant I am!

Where is that sarcasm tag?

So, I have put off getting my corporate resume updated in the system to what is nearing the last moment.  Of course, right now would be a perfect time to do it, since I am sitting here in the living room with most of the stuff that I own while the painters are in the bedroom, with a little of the stuff that I own.

Guess what else is in the bedroom, in my suit pants from yesterday, laying on the bed (covered in plastic)?  My RSA security key for the secure portal that I need to go through to update my resume and emergency information!

Of course, this is my own place and I could go in there, rip through the plastic and get the key.  That will not get the painters out of here any quicker.

The proper way would have been to get the thing done weeks ago.  Would have been a better distraction from being all down in the dumps about the major disasters that have cropped up this year and last.

Productivity is my new word for today!  Right after I go to Starbucks for another mocha ;)

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