27 May 2009

Shilling for Small Time Terrorists

Expect more of this, until we get some actual facts in this case:

Reports last week suggested that the Newburgh four -- the men arrested Wednesday for plotting to bomb two New York synagogues -- perhaps weren't theswiftest ships in her majesty's fleet. But over the weekend, people close to the four came forward to describe how the government informant at the center of the case against them -- the man known to the suspects as Maqsood -- aggressively courted the men before luring them into an imagined jihad.
Expect comparisons to the Randy Weaver case too, no matter how they are completly different.  Just how are they completly different?  Weaver was just a guy who wanted to be left alone, well he and his family.  He was asked to infiltrate a group he wanted nothing to do with and refused.   And he shortened a shotgun to a length that required yet another stupid federal license.

Cases where the various actors were 'talked into' plots to blow stuff up, talked into smuggling jewelry or drugs, talked into all sorts of other bad stuff I have no sympathy for.  I have little sympathy for people who "just knew bad people" too.  Try staying the hell away from them.

It certainly does not help my point-of-view that when I have actually known people who turned out to be shady, the people making excuses or otherwise defending them them ended up being just as shady.

On the other hand, when given a multiple choice quiz and one of the answers is 'the government is at fault', that is my answer until proven otherwise.

Did the FBI create this whole plot just like they were shown in court to have done with a Georgia Militia in the 1990's?  Don't know yet and neither does anybody else writing about it.

I do enjoy the retro-Leftist nastalgia titling of the TMP story.  David Horowitz has mentioned that style from his days as a radical Leftist during many speeches and interviews.

Some interesting comments from the Reasonoids:

Kyle Jordan | May 26, 2009, 8:08am | #

"D.C. councilman blames pizza for crime."

That article made my head hurt.

"How a government informer wooed the Newburgh 4."

I don't really feel sorry for these guys simply because they chose to carry it through but there is definitely something wrong if this "Maqsood" badgered them as much as claimed. I guess it's no longer enough to just claim terrorism threats or let would be actual terrorists use our systems against us (something that will ALWAYS happen). We now have to actively manufacture them.

Abdul | May 26, 2009, 9:09am | #

I doubt there is a ton of Al-Qaeda operatives in Kansas to recieve such messages...


They got 19 people into America for September 11th. After that, they got Jose Padilla in (even if he was captured soon thereafter). Whatever you want to say about his treatment or detention, no one questions that Padilla recieved training from Al Quaeda.

And all Al quaeda needs is a few people to get in to america to amount an escape attempt. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_helicopter_prison_escapes

Unlike these guys in the 27 helicopter escapes in the Wikipedia article, Al Quaeda has shown that they are willing to trade their own lives for publicity in suicidal attacks.

One of the great advantages of gitmo is that we got Castro to run interference for us. The US is an open society, one where stealing firearms or hijacking a helicopter is far easier than in Cuba. 

The decision to close gitmo has nothing to do with the issues of due process for detainees or concerns about humanitarian treatment. Detainees can be denied due process and treated inhumanely in the US just as well as outside it. This decision is only about public relations.

P Brooks | May 26, 2009, 11:06am | #

I'm still waiting for the FBI to place an order for my "You can be a TERRORIST- ask me how!" t-shirts.

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