29 May 2009

My Neighborhood is so Beautiful on Nice Weekdays

My Lord!  Crystal Drive (see map, the neighborhood is Suki's neighborhood) is one of the most beautiful places on earth during a sunny weekday.

Everyplace I look, beautiful ladies of all ages.  Lovely dresses.  The simple black spike heeled pump seems to be back by the score.  Ladies, you can't go wrong with those.

Something else I noticed, that looks fine, but several women I knew made a big deal about it last year: bare legs.

Must have been some popular article or something, but last year I recall several women complaining about bare legs in the office.  That there is some unwritten rule about it.  I even have Suki's friends informing her about it in Suki I.

The justification from one of the gals, a Homeland Security employee, was that if the men must wear ties then the women must wear hosiery.  I never bought into that logic, but just thought it was a parallel office rule, like the other folks who brought it up.

Today, loads of bare legs, smooth and pretty.  No complaint here, even though I am a fan of sexy stockings too.

Of course, I saw all of this a few moments ago as I strolled to Starbucks, looking a bit on the bum side.  No, of course I am not in one of my fine double breasted suits.  I am in a five year old polo, that does not fit as well as it did new, black jeans and sneakers.

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