27 May 2009

More on the book

Noticed that I had not mentioned this.  Some feedback on the web page for Suki I.

While I was editing it on Sunday during the Indy race, a former Marine buddy liked the bit about same sex marriage and the unexpected effects.  He was also of the same mind as me that the smoking in public places pendulum will be swinging back in about 20 years.

I mentioned in an earlier post, "Big D", seemed to glean a whole lot of things that I was not really intending.  I guess the actual book will be a surprise for folks who read the page and their takeaway is like his.

Note 28 Mar. 09:  Big D was not able to open the file, not sure why.

He is expecting a "dark" world, more of a dystopia I suppose.  The mention of the BDSM fashions becoming more common is just for two necklaces mentioned in the book.  Maybe some of the other fashions, but it reminded him of how sometimes news reporters were leather tops, odds and ends and that it is a bigger theme in the book.  It might be mentioned more in the second book.

I think it is written generally happy.  The characters are successful but not filthy rich, other than one minor character who retired at 30 and drinks way too much, but straightens up before the end.  There is some tragedy, the couple nearly does not begin to date, John is attracted to the wrong woman, etc.  But it works out to a happy ending.

Have had good feedback from people who have read chunks of it.  One I am not sure was an honest assessment, but people are that way sometimes.

Time for lunch, maybe, after I check on my destruction crew.

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