26 July 2010

Lordie! I nailed the first hour of Rush Limbaugh right here!

I nailed the first hour or Rush Limbaugh with two stories from this morning:

Obama: Traitor in Chief

The story about the Obama's involvement in the Lockerbie bomber release.  Rush mentioned that the memo was uncovered when Democrats were looking for more dirt on BP, but they found this instead.  He played CNN clips from a week or so ago about it.

The other, I only posted at Facebook. I need to learn to post them here before sending them there, since I can't figure out how to link to wall posts from there to here :( That second one was about the latest bit of WikiLeaks traitory.
From Rush's show: Did you know that we killed Taliban in Afghanistan without trials? WAR CRIME (i) Did you know that we conduct covert operations over there? Did you know that we do not share our war plans with the enemy? How unfair! Civilians were accidentally killed, a revelation about modern warfare that we are not killing them on purpose any more. Outrage!
He also mentioned that Daniel Ellsberg is a WikiLeaks fan and Obama is a fan of Ellsberg!

Bonus! A story from John was the lede for the second hour:

Stark Raving Howard Dean is a story about Dean's insane, stupid ranting about FOX News 'racism'. 

A caller got Rush back to the WikiLeaks story :)

♥ Rush! XOXO

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