30 July 2010

Still #1 in the Solar System! World Population to Top 7 Billion in 2011

World Population Forecast to Top 7 Billion in 2011 - NYTimes.com:
With 267 people being born every minute and 108 dying, the world’s population will top seven billion next year, a research group projects, while the ratio of working-age adults to support the elderly in developed countries declines precipitously because of lower birthrates and longer life spans.
h/t Radley Balko @ Reason Morning Links

Reports of the zombie revolt are exaggerated:

Sadly, the article only gets more pessimistic, downright hostile, to the notion of more people being a good thing. It reminded me of some ancient movie we had to watch in high school, and in a couple of college classes (sadly, or thankfully, I have forgotten the title) that tried to advance the ideas of people like Population Bomb author Paul Ehrlich (sadly, I remember that one).  I am a little tired of being polite to these crackpots. The Green Revolution is continuing to feed the world and the only thing stopping food from being 'dirt cheap' is governments and environmental do-gooders standing in the way of developing nations advancement into modern farming techniques.

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