26 July 2010

Stark Raving Howard Dean

Extra! Extra! Extra!
New Synonym for Lunatic is: Howard Dean
Just kidding. The phrases have been synonymous for years.
Over the weekend the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) had an interesting encounter with FOX News Networks' Chris Wallace.  Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich was also in attendance.  Gingrich's comments were thoughtful and pointed out some serious flaws in the White House actions toward Shirley Sherrod.


In the encounter, Dean claimed that FOX news did something "racist" and called coverage of the actions of the New Black Panther Party "phony black panther crap".  Here is a clip of a bit of what he calls 'phony'. Apparently, "kill some white cracker babies" is not racist to Howard Dean.

Here is some FOX News video of a story shot shortly after a New Black Panther Party member was removed from a Philadelphia polling place:

Howard Dean continued then accused FOX news of playing videos and inflaming racial tensions, over Shirley Sherrod. Even though her name was not mentioned on the FOX News Network until after she was fired under pressure from the White House. Chris Wallace has to tell Dean numerous times that they did not talk about the situation until after the NAACP and the White House did their evaluation and the woman was fired (forced resignation, if you want to split hairs). Dean continues to blame FOX, saying that somehow playing a video after the woman was fired, contributed to her firing.

Newt Gingrich asks that if Glenn Beck scares the Obama administration so bad, what happens when they deal with the Iranians. The bottom line for Dean was, FOX made the White House do it. That must work in alternate universes.

Oh, here is the NAACP video where Shirley Sherrod describes her epiphany moment where she stopped (maybe) being a racist and became a fascist. The crowd reacts with glee at her story of screwing over a white farmer and sending him to "one of his own kind" for legal help.

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