27 July 2010

Obama, Caretaker of America, Missing Another Crisis

As the Obama Administration continues to apply jackboot pressure to the 'neck' of BP, his own back yard (not as figuratively as you may think and that map will change as power is restored).
Tens of thousands of Maryland and Washington, DC residents are without power, now entering day three after a thunderstorm took down much of the power grid.  Interestingly enough, the more free-market leaning Commonwealth of Virginia havd very few without power and it was restored in short order.  For example, my Arlington County neighborhood did not lose power at all.  However, the utility grid for my neighborhood is underground.
Some Maryland counties were not so lucky, by their own doing.  They have above ground power lines and prohibit the power company from trimming trees around those lines.  Result? Their love of trees and nature destroyed miles of power lines and scores of transformers.  Who do they blame for their self imposed misfortune? The power company, of course.
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