06 August 2010

David Weigel back at the Post again

JournoLister David Weigel back on the pages of the Washington Post

At least he got this one right. Not sure if it is going to help him get a job with Pat Buchanan.

Five myths about the 'tea party':

The tea party is racist.

2. It's a phenomenon that some activists call 'nutpicking' -- send a cameraman into a protest and he'll focus on the craziest sign. Yes, there are racists in the tea party, and they make themselves known. But tea party activists, in most cases, root them out. Texas activist Dale Robertson, who held a sign comparing taxpayers to 'niggars' at a 2009 rally, was drummed out of that event and pilloried by his peers. Mark Williams, formerly the bomb-throwing spokesman for the Tea Party Express (he once told me he wanted to send the liberal watchdog group Media Matters 'a case of champagne' for calling him racist), was booted after penning a parody essay that had the NAACP pining for slavery.

Liberal critics of the tea party make the case that conservative opposition to social spending is often racially motivated. That's not new, though, and it's certainly not the basis for the tea party.
h/t Johnny Longtorso

I missed this the first time through:

The tea party will transform American politics.
5. Here, Sen. Graham has history on his side. A popular, and correct, aphorism about grass-roots movements is that they act like wasps -- they sting, then die
Emphasis mine.
Yes, the standard of excellence that is both Weigel and the Post. For those who don't know, wasps keep stinging, bees sting and die. H/t to the others in the Johnny Longtorso thread for noticing. They also noticed the Post changed "wasps" to "bees", ROFL!

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