05 August 2010

For the Record: My View on Property Rights

I am generally against zoning regulations, but I am sure there are instances where they could be fair to the property owner. I just cannot think of any. If you don't like what your neighbor is doing with their property, as long as it is staying on their property, then buy them out or look the other way.

Big cities should not be such a difficult hurdle to apply what is stated above. I am not so Libertarian as to believe we should not have public roads or utilities rights-of-way either (as my esteemed blog partner has argued for over ten years that I have known him).

As for the so-called "Ground Zero Mosque", that whole issue is a mess.  First, I do not begrudge the insensitive Islamic assholes who decided to name the place their right to put a mosque on their own property (btw, Mohammed sucks too). I do have an issue with New York City and Mayor Bloomberg (who sucks almost as much as Mohammed) turning their convoluted zoning laws upside down in order to pave the way, in record time, for this project. This is the only time in his reign as Mayor that Bloomberg has given so much as a nod to individual property rights. If I suspected this was any sort of epiphany on the part of the Mayor, I would be applauding. In this case, I am just waiving a finger.

Back to the Muslim assholes naming this monstrosity the "Ground Zero Mosque", they have as much desire to bring the various 'sides' together as the people of the Westboro Baptist Church do, and lesbians probably have just as much of a chance to be married in either location, after gay marriage makes its way through the courts.  Part of property rights is property responsibility. Being a good neighbor is in there somewhere.

I blame the nanny-state mentality as much as anything else for the decline in neighborliness. When the government started pretending that they would take care of everything, many individuals decided that they would take care of nothing. Even worse, if their neighbor was not doing what they wanted, they get the police power of the government to attack their neighbors into submission.

Rant over. Build what you want on your own property, don't be an ass and government, GET OFF MY YARD!

The above are my personal views. I blog here as the primary character development assistant for the Suki book projects. If you are interested in character attitudes about this topic, browse books ;)

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