02 August 2010

"Suki I" Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #139,527 on Kindle

"Suki I" Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #139,527 on Kindle

Suki is an attractive, single young professional Libertarian, performing advanced technology research and looking for a bright, nice, acceptable boyfriend. Most of the time she works in her mother’s party planning office as Project Manager/Executive Secretary and all-around technology administrator.

Suki has an advanced education by 2032 standards, but it is not much more advanced that the top 25% of her peers from high school who also earned PhDs. She started college early, like many of her high school classmates.

She has experimented with many things, common for a woman of her time, for most anybody of her age, and she is growing out of that.

John is a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, former defense contractor, current classic car creator and "small L libertarian." He has a comfortable condominium, a nice one-man-operation garage, one true best friend and never seems to meet a stranger.

He is a bit of a solitary man. After his son became a military lawyer and “left the nest”, John started tutoring subjects that he had taught his son and had tutored while he was in college, as a productive distraction from his business. It is also something he can do one-on-one, rather than having to deal with large groups.

John prefers women his own age or older and would be thrilled if he finds a woman who just wants to be nice to him.

Atlas Shrugged is now more popular abroad than in the USA.

The USA is recovering from the hyperinflation of the early part of the century. The rest of the world is rapidly adopting the free market and the rule of law.

Northern Virginia is slowly leaning toward libertarian style laws, taxes and freedoms, much to the dislike of the establishment in Washington, DC, right across the river.

In Virginia, the smoking policy in businesses is set by the owner. So is the concealed weapons carry policy. DC is the opposite.

Federal recreational drug laws have been all but eliminated. Virginia has eliminated most of theirs. Prostitution laws are largely ignored in cities across the country. In Virgina as long as it is off the street it is tolerated. DC continues to issue tickets for suspected prostitution in public areas.

BDSM is more common in fashion and in commercial establishment themes, but the practice still has a slight stigma.

The story is set in the early 2030s. For more details about the background, see http://www.SukiSite.com and order the paperbacks at http://sukiproject.blogspot.com/p/order-suki-series-paperbacks.html

Suki I is the story of Suki finding the type of man that she really needs. Approx. 304 paperback pages.

Suki II: Sunshine Returns ( http://www.amazon.com/dp/B002EL4EAK ) picks up where Suki I ends.

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