20 September 2010

O'Donnell: Witchcraft, Satanism, Who Cares, they were talking about Halloween

The out-of-context Politically Incorrect clip in this video is dated Oct. 29, 1999.  I will do the math for you, that was almost 11 years ago. In the comments, all sorts of people are accusing her of being stupid because of Satanism vs. Witchcraft.

I have news for you. Lots of people, including yours truly, have done what she describes and wilder. Many of us would like the government out of our business too. I am not seeing how this is something to ridicule her over.

Unfactual accusations are always bad.

The Washington Post selection of the OED for making fun of her is good, but misses the mark. See "unfact" or pay extra and look in Webster's Unabridged Dictionary online.

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