20 September 2010

Truther Connections: Don't Believe The Government Edition

My poor little brain and all this conspiracy stuff. I just had the thought of donating a gas torch to Rosie O'Donnell.

Woke just a little while ago and turned on Coast to Coast, a show I haven't listened to for weeks, or at least since the last time I woke up five hours before normal. The first topic: Conspiracy theories. At least this time it is not me bringing up the subject. The guest is interesting, one of the After Disclosure creators.

I think a comment on a Facebook Friend's wall recently was "racism is your get out of logic free card" and that is certainly true whenever some overly emotional person is on a cable news discussion panel. From my recent experience I can add another "the government is your get out of logic free card" and it is true on the internet.

After a week of nearly identical comments from 9/11 Inside Job Truthers fleeing my circle of Facebook Friends and a couple of decades living online, I can honestly say that when someone tells me "you can't believe what the government tells you" then I know they believe any crazy thing any non-government person will feed them. The logic goes like this: the government said we landed people on the moon, someone else says we did not, the government lied, QED.

Allow me to back up a few steps. I am not one to believe what anybody tells me at face value, including people who work for the government. When President Obama gets on the air and talks about how many jobs have been saved or created, I can tell by the weasel words that he is bullshitting anybody listening. When I hear "The Unabomber was a CIA Agent" I have the same reaction as I do to an Obama national address.

The second guest on Coast to Coast tonight is more to my liking. Author David Aaronovitch of Voodoo Histories is giving comforting examples of actual conspiracies vs. imagined conspiracies. I need sleep! He is not making me sleepy, this is interesting!

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